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Facilities in American Kidz

At American kids we believe in the age old saying that "the home is child`s first school and the school is child`s second home". so we take every care that we provide the best possible ambience coupled with international standard infrastructure to provide the best stimulating atmosphere for the budding minds.

Perfect furniture as per the age-specific needs of kids, toys, puppets, introduction with attractive and thought provoking books which help them to develop a liking for books which ultimately helps them grow with the healthy reading-habit.

Every child has something special and we help the child develop that special skill in the right earnest and inculcate it for a lifetime.

We know that children are the future of every nation. We help to make the future of your child and indirectly help to make the future of the nation as well. but it is not done in a conventional manner like earlier teaching methodology which used to emphasize upon. Play while you play and learn while you learn.’’ we have changed this cliche and our motto is "learn while you play`` which reflects the very essence of play way education. For safety and security we maintain hi-tech facilities and sophisticated infrastructure." Feel the Global Touch At American kidz we stress a lot upon the surroundings as we believe that surroundings especially AMBIENCE Plays big role in the holistic development of a young talent to groom them into an all-rounder. We keep the ambience at American Kids enjoyable and colorful so that the children feel at home. The Equipments The equipment used is of international standards and made from safe and hygienic materials especially plastics used are non-toxic and of best quality. The Structure American Kidz play School is full of ample space with especially designed activity-rooms where kids learn, listen, hone their skills, imagine to create new things, learn how to paint their imaginations, build physical strength in uniquely crafted gyms, where they learn to stretch their muscles properly. The locations are mostly upmarket quiet places where education activities can be carried out unhindered.

The teaching methodology is child focused and involves interactive teaching techniques using best of the equipment and material. We lay emphasis on maximum use of games, toys, teaching aids by well trained staff to attain best results. A Place Where Kidz puts their Brain to work with fun All the learning activities at American Kids are designed in such a manner that kidz learn it all by doing it on their own. They touch, explore, feel, enjoy and learn it by doing it with the help of carefully selected toys, games, activities, teaching aids and equipment. American Kidz Freddie is a life long friend Freddie our mascot is a lively character which brings to life the basic motto of American Kids spirit. Freddie is a friend who American Kidz love, cuddle, fondle and share with.

He is just like them, one of them, one who becomes a very important instrument for learning about the world around them, one who helps them imbibe good habits etiquettes and manners. Not only kids but their parents also find Freddie a lovable, lively friendly creature - a friend for a lifetime indeed. Our Strength Our Faculty The faculties at American kidz are well trained in child psychology and Montessori teaching techniques. No doubt they constitute our main strength. They are trained on a regular basis by experts in the field to keep them abreast with the latest teaching methods as per International Standards.

The teacher at American kidz is a friend who reads through the abilities and likings of the child and then facilitates in honing the skills that the child possesses. Strict discipline and a teacher - student ratio of 1:10 are maintained to give the very best of education to the child.

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