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It indeed gets very confusing when it comes to deciding what age one should send one`s ward to a school. What could possibly be the right age for starting one`s child`s education? Before we decide about it, we should bear in mind that during the formative years of your child`s life, brain is most active and maximum learning, (Learning which lasts a lifetime) is done during this period only. To make full use of this learning potential, it`s important to start your child`s education early and according to experts this right age is approx. 2 years (a month or two less or more) but formal schooling starts much later, that is why the concept of Pre-school education has been gaining ground.

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Mohini Lamba

Our Passion - To Unelash the Potential In Your Child... The obj The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. -Robert M. Hutchins

Many a times we are beset by the question. How much of learning is education, and how much is information? There have been many opinions on the best way to educate children, and to shift information from education, but none conclusive enough to enable educationists to implement tools to really home in on what constitutes education; and provide it in ample measures to the insatiable curiosity of children But at ASA we have reasons to believe that irrespective of what makes of education.....

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